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Customer Reviews for Rival Sons

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Rival Sons are the best band most people haven't heard of

Steve from Las Vegas, Nevada
13th August 2023

My wife and I traveled to Las Vegas to see Rival Sons perform at the House of Blues. We've seen them before (they opened for Greta Van Fleet) but we wanted to see them perform a full show. There's a reason why everyone from Slash to Ozzy love this band - they have their own sound, the songs have meaning and they're uncompromising in their approach to music. In my view they should be headlining major concert venues, they're that good. Anyhow, it was awesome to see them as the headliner and peform their full repertoire. If you've never seen them or heard of them, and you love rock and roll, you need to check out this band!!


Dg from Orlando, Florida
2nd October 2021

The boys are absolutely one of the finest bands.they were so on it was insane. Smooth as silk loved it!!!!

Rival Seattle

Rick from Seattle, Washington
3rd May 2019

I thought sound was fine. Very loud for sure, but still OK. As far as the show, I thought both bands blew the roof off! One of the better shows I have arrended in my 57 years in this town. Been wanting to check out Sheepdogs for a while and only wish I had seen them sooner. They don’t mess around and were tighter and more talented than I imagined they would be. I expected them to steal the show, but Rival Sons crushed it, owned the crowd, and blew me away.

Fun Show / Sheepdogs Far Exceeded Expectations

Scott from Alameda, California
8th May 2019

Three friends and I attended the concert last night. Everyone was surprised at how good The Sheepdogs were. We will definitely be following them and downloading their music. The apparent role of the commedian was to reset performance expectations after an awesome Sheepdogs set. He succeeded wonderfully in that regard. Rival Sons amplifier volume was a bit too high. Some nuances in the music were lost, but the raw power was impressive. The lead guitarist is very, very talented. The long speech before 'Jordan' killed the energy in the crowd. Plus the ballad did not live up to the big build-up. Ballads seemed to be mixed in to provide musical diversity, but I would like to see more diversity among the "hard rocking" songs. Style and phrasing seems to be similar among many of the songs. Lead singer did a bit too much posing. I am being critical here, but I did rock out and enjoy the show.

Rival Sons was good - sound was terrible

MW from Detroit, Michigan
24th April 2019

They to figure out sound control

Guys must have been tired or not getting along

John Taylor from Vancouver, British Columbia
6th May 2019

I really love this band and it’s my first time seeing them live. Musically it was sloppy. Timing was off. They just weren’t able to stay in the pocket together. The levels were horrible. I tried standing at different places in the theatre but it didn’t seem to help. The guitar notes were totally drowned or by the kick drum. They only played 3 rocking songs to start, the crowd really starting getting into to it (myself included) and then they went slow and completely lost the crowd. We ended up leaving early along with a lot of others. Perhaps there just a studio band?